HTH vacuum belt filter without rubber belt

HTH vacuum belt filter without rubber belt Verfahrenstechnik Tiemann

Horizontal vacuum belt filter without rubber belt with continuous cloth transport and clocking vacuum tray

The vacuum tray mounted on wheels is pulled along by the filter cloth during the vacuum cycle. After reaching the final position of the vacuum tray, the vacuum is switched off, and the filter system is ventilated. Then a pneumatic cylinder pulls back the vacuum tray to the original position before a new cycle begins. The cloth speed can be adjusted infinitely via a frequency inverter feeding the gear motor mounted at the cloth roller.



  • Uniform and continuous transport of the filter cake
  • Continuous and constant cake discharge
  • Uniform cake structure
  • Good cake washing efficiency
  • Filter sizes from 0.5 - 60 m2 effective filter area


Areas of use

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper and sand industries
  • FGD systems
  • Soil, sand, gypsum, lime, metal and mineral treatment