Clarifier Verfahrenstechnik Tiemann

The formerly patented and proven slurry feed system can enable substantially smaller diameters than conventional systems

The high rate clarifier for solid / liquid separation efficiently and effectively utilises the pretreatment of sludge with flocculants. With a defined horizontal velocity, the pretreated slurry is fed into an active sludge bed. The sludge bed acts as a filter layer and retains suspended solids. This procedure ensures extraordinarily good clarification, meaning that only a very small quantity of solids reach the overflow. Since the particles to be separated are added near the underflow discharge in the clarifier, only a short sedimentation distance is required. The solids thicken faster and a higher thickening factor in the underflow is achieved.



  • Quick separation, therefore considerably higher specific capacity
  • The high specific capacity enables smaller clarifier diameter. This advantage is of particular importance in indoor applications
  • Very clear overflow at high specific capacity
  • Diameter of 0.5 to 30 m
  • Lifting device optional, if necessary
  • Flocculent dosing station, pumps etc. can be included in the offer
  • Steel, steel/ rubber lined, plastic (PP / FRP) models


Areas of use

  • Chemical industry
  • Environmental e.g. after scrubbers for air purification
  • FGD systems
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Soil, sand, gypsum, lime treatment