Vacuum drum filter (rotary cell filter)

Vacuum drum filter (rotary cell filter) Verfahrenstechnik Tiemann

Vacuum drum filters for cake-forming filtration or as a precoat filter for different products

The units mainly consist of a rotary drum, vacuum system, tank, oscillating agitator and a device for separating the filter cake.

The interior of the drum is divided into sectors or cells that are exposed to vacuum. The vacuum is generated through an external vacuum pump. The external surface of the drum has the filter cloth, which is submerged with the drum into the filter tank. The solids are retained by the filter cloth and dewatered further after emerging from the tank. The removal of the filter cake from the drum depends on the product's property, for example, it can be removed by knife, roller or ropes.

The filtration process is continuous.

Product-wetted parts can be stainless steel, plastic or steel lined.



  • Very little space required
  • Low investment costs
  • Simple and robust design
  • Few wear parts
  • Vacuum drum filter sizes from 0.1 - 70 m2 effective filter area


Areas of use

  • Food industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Ceramics and electroplating industry
  • Tanneries
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Steel and aluminium plants