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Extensive Portfolio for Solid / Liquid Separation, Filtration, Clarification and Thickening


A varied and extensive range of different methods of liquid / solid separation, filtration, sludge dewatering, thickening and separation ensures the selection of a most suitable system for many applications. Here, each of the specific requirements of the process eg terms of product quality, space requirements, personnel requirements, consumption of energy / water / air, maintenance requirements etc. are considered.


1. Vacuum Belt Filter

Vacuum Belt Filter


Vacuum belt filters are used in many areas of chemistry, in power plants, in the processing of minerals, in the pharmaceutical and paper industry for the dewatering and washing of different products. The main advantage is the drainage in the direction of gravity, the gentle and low-wear product treatment, the constant cleaning of the cloth and the open design of the machine. 
The vacuum belt filter can be offered with filter areas of 0.3 m2 to 120 m2 both continuous and cyclically operating (indexing filter). The material for the wetted parts can be steel, steel/ rubber lined, steel / PFA-coated, stainless steel or plastic. Here, indexing filter can be delivered with a cake pressing device to lower the moisture. If necessary, the equipment can be provided with a hood and built in ATEX version.

Classification of vacuum belt filter types offered

  • Vacuum belt filter with rubber belt for continuous operation without breaking vacuum
  • Vacuum belt filter with movable vacuum pan and continuous filter cloth transport
  • Vacuum belt filter with fixed pan and cyclically transport


2. Vacuum Drum Filter resp. Rotary Vacuum Cell Filter

Vacuum drum filter


Vacuum drum filter with filter areas of 0.1 m2 to 100 m2 are used for continuous filtration process with very little inspection effort. Advantageous is the low space requirements and the relatively simple design of the machine. The material in contact with the slurry can be steel or steel/ rubber lined, stainless steel or plastic. A complete enclosure or a gas-tight system can be offered. 

Classification of vacuum drum filter types offered

  • Vacuum drum filter with cloth discharge and cloth washing
  • Vacuum drum filter with cake discharge by knife
  • Vacuum drum filter with cake removal by roller
  • Vacuum drum filter with cake removal by strings
  • Vacuum drum filter with precoat material (precoat filter)


3. Chamber Filter Presses

Chamber Filter Presses


The simple and robust design of the chamber filter press has become established in many areas of sludge dewatering. Here, in many applications, only the pump pressure is used to force the water from the often compressible filter cakes and get a semisolid filter cake  with low moisture. The chamber filter presses are offered with max. 2 x 2 m filter plate  in PP or PVDF, in drip- and/ or gas-tight design, in ATEX version, with light barrier and / or splash guard, hydraulic drip tray. 
Classification of chamber filter presses offered 
- Chamber filter press with membrane filter plates to repress 
- Chamber filter press with hand or electrically operated hydraulic closing 
- Separation of the chamber plates by hand or automatically 
- Chamber filter press with simultaneous chamber opening 
- Chamber emptying support by vibrator 
- Chamber filter press with open or closed filtrate outlet.


4. Sludge Dewatering

screw press


The screw press can dewater a variety of sludges effectively and extremely economically. At very small energy consumption permanently low cake moisture levels in the cake are achieved. In addition to a compact and rugged design, the system is characterized by a silent operation and very low inspection effort. Applications of these techniques are for example sewage plants, slaughterhouses, dairies and food companies. 

Classification of offered sludge dewatering equipment

  • As a single machine with 1-3 drainage cylinder
  • With a screw diameter of 100 to 350 mm



5. High Rate Thickener / Clarifier

High Rate Thickener/ Clarifier


The clarifier / thickener are manufactured in carbon steel/ painted, steel/ rubber lined, stainless steel or for smaller diameters in plastic. 
A planetary gear with motor, frequency converter and torque monitoring ensure safe operation of the rake device to transport the thickened sludge to the underflow outlet. 
Flocculant preparation and dosing station, sludge level and turbidity measurements, pumps and valves can be offered additional.


Classification of thickener and clarifier

  • Thickener / Clarifier with and without lifting device for the rake device

  • Thickener / Clarifier with or without top cover, walkways, ladder etc.
  • Thickener / Clarifier with vent tank for outgassing fluids


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