MTF - modular vacuum belt filter

MTF - modular vacuum belt filter -  Verfahrenstechnik Tiemann

Horizontal vacuum belt filter without rubber belt with a fixed vacuum tray and clocking filter cloth

During the vacuum cycle, the filter cloth rests and the applied vacuum causes rapid separation of solids and liquids in the feed zone. Optionally, the filter cake can be washed in the cake wash area. The cake is dried before the filter cake is discharged. If required, a pressing device can be installed in the drying area. Compressed air can be forced through the filter cake for further residual moisture reduction during the pressing operation.

After vacuum cycle, the cloth conveying process begins, in which the filter cake is discharged and then both sides of the filter cloth are washed with water. Vacuum time and transport length are adjustable. The standard transport per stroke is 0.5 m.

The modular system ensures quick and easy adjustment of the system to the changed operating conditions. Due to small overall height of each unit, several modules can operate in parallel.



  • Space required much smaller because modules can also be placed one above the other
  • Simple and very robust design with few moving parts
  • Only one wear part: the filter cloth
  • The filter system can be easily adjusted to the product and capacity changes, since all the parameters such as vacuum time, cloth speed, cloth transport path etc. can be easily and infinitely adjusted
  • Significant reduction of residual moisture possible by cake pressing device
  • Modular design cost manufacturing capabilities, serious price advantage
  • Filter sizes from 0.5 - 50 m2 effective filter area


Areas of use

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper and metal industries
  • FGD systems
  • Soil, sand, gypsum, lime treatment